Priority Recap

11:38 AM

On one of my blog post from mid last week, my friend Erick pointed out that an ideal week should include more of him in it. Good point. I have so many more priorities (and people I'd like to see / skype!) that didn't make the list that I tried to follow last week. I knew this even while I tried it, but I do think I learned from the attempt.

It's much more reasonable to try to accomplish a list of priorities in the span of a week or two, with bursts of accomplishment as well as lulls. For example, for several hours straight on Sunday, Tory and I cleaned the house and organized our spaces. And on Saturday, we did an experimental endeavor - a photo shoot with friends that I'm submitting to a small fashion magazine. Collaborative art is always a priority which we rarely manage to fit in.

get up: 7:45amget up: 7:30amxsleep inxsleep in
xwear something creative / do hairxwear something creative / do hairmorning yogamorning reflection time
xmake a smoothie or eat breakfastxmake a smoothie or eat breakfastFarmers Market before 1pmxgeneral picking up / cleaning
xworkbike to workxclean and refresh the housexwater the plants
xgeneral picking up / cleaningxwork summer hours - afternoon freexwater the plantsxwear something creative
xbig costco run / hang out with neighborsxvaccuumsweepxsee Tory's family
xtake supplementsxwater the plantsxactivities togetherSolomon's Porch
bedtime: 11pmsweepxsee good friendsprepare/freeze lunches
clean the bathroommake our own bread
xpersonal hobbiesxtake supplements
xa small adventure or activityxbedtime: 11:30pm

additionsadditions additions
xfashion design related meetingxsee friendsxclean for hours!
 x see friendsxart / photoshootxswimming!

x make smoothiesxmake smoothies

Overall though, it was a great week. It didn't feel overwhelming or painstaking to do the things I had on the list and more than that even. The things that could wait, I still didn't do, which is how it always is with priorities. The real priorities actually get done.

The main thing I can't seem to make time for when I fit in all my priorities is intentional rest. Yoga, reading, quiet walks. None of those things I manage to fit into a week. Even when I'm tired, I feel like there's something I want to be doing (like editing Jolene's wedding!). We took our old neighbor kids for a swim yesterday and they talked about being bored this summer. Tory and I both said the same thing - I wish I had time to be bored! On a macro scale, I hope that life can come in phases and swells of prolificness just like a span of a few weeks does. In the next phase of life, I really really want to build in slowness. Pauses. Time to read and stretch and wander. 

In this phase though, Tory started a thankfulness prayer before we fall asleep. Sometimes he falls asleep during it. Sometimes I don't go to bed in time to join him for it. But I hope that more peace grows out of including more thankfulness in our lives.

Oh and we cancelled Netflix! 

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