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Today we leave Thailand for the first time since we moved here 6 months ago, to visit family and friends in the US and Canada. On the taxi ride to the airport, I was watching our new home city go by and saw a golf cart adapted into a police vehicle round the corner with lights swinging. We both thought it was pretty funny, the juxtaposition of power and control with the speed and size of a golf cart and it led to us joking together about all the driving scenarios we would have to avoid repeating in North America.

- Drive in the right lane, not the left!
- No driving between cars or on the yellow line to pass or skip ahead of traffic
- It is not customary to bribe officers – DO NOT ATTEMPT AT HOME
- and so on…

So much of our daily lives has changed in such a short time. Many things have stayed the same too, but besides the new baby bump, it’s unclear to me what, if a lot or a little, has changed in us. I think that returning to family, friends, and familiar places – HOME – will be the biggest indicator of how this relatively short period of rapid change has impacted us.


Home in Chiang Mai
Loi Krathong Festival

Local market behind our house

Home Sweet Home in the Green House

Our City

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  1. Those pictures are beautiful! Are you coming to grand rapids at all while you're here?


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