Empty and Full

11:17 PM

In the days and weeks surrounding our move, it was hard to think straight. Life consisted primarily of great hangouts, so many good-byes, and hard work finishing up remodeling projects and clearing out the house. I managed to jot down a thought or two over the days leading up to our ride out.

4/23 - Life is getting full and empty all at once.
Stark white primed walls and rich blues.
Deep connection and hollow awareness of impending separation.

4/24 - The most 'real' step towards the move today, the cats left with their foster momma.

4/25 - Our goodbye party is winding down outside as I decompress. So many wonderful people! It's just when you try to leave that you realize how connected you are, and it makes the tearing apart that much harder.

4/26 - Our sendoff at Solomon's Porch was beautiful. Shelley blessed our feet. My friends were holding my hands and arms and shared meaningful blessings. It was so beautiful to be sent off in the same place we were married, surrounded by love.

4/30 - Tory has had our "ride off" playlist ready for months. But Grooveshark died today! We'll have to piece it back together the best we can, yikes.

5/2 - Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who has blessed us and helped us make this move happen!

Here is the first video in a series I am trying to do about our travels and global move. So much energy was hurtling towards riding off together at this time towards an unknown future. More to come!

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  1. Beautiful. Just like you two. We will miss you every day that you're not here.


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