Giving Away the Bingo Chips

12:34 PM

We had a lot of fun at Tory's company party this spring. It was a red and silver masquerade theme, and Tory's only red clothing is his go-to Waldo costume. The entertainment was one of those traveling casino's where you get a certain amount of chips to play and the chips add up to raffle tickets to win prizes. I ended up doing alright with the higher scoring chips and had a little pile for myself at the end. We went to go look at the things you could raffle for and realized that since we're moving, we have no need for any STUFF. Big screen tv's, waffle makers, gadgets, and appliances. Winning would land us with more stuff on top of all the stuff I still need to sell or donate. So I gave my chips away to the nice girl who was trying to explain the process to me.

She was excited and I was excited. And it felt so free!

That's when I realized what giving money away could feel like. Often it feels so tight, when we have goals or bills. It makes me more committed to simplifying what "needs" are so we continue to feel the richness of this freedom of abundance.

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