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I have been trying to figure out a way to insert intentionality into our upcoming life in Thailand.... all along Tory and I have been talking about being open to ways to have positive impact in a developing country, but we have also been really careful to make sure we're not trying to define those needs ourselves or insert our own judgements or "solutions" in a country we are new to.

But this "missionless" vision has the potential to set us up to lose focus and get swept up into a new equally fancy lifestyle there without ever re-establishing ways to live well there. One idea we had was that we could create a little fund that we would use to help out people and organizations as we encounter direct needs.

A few things I believe about giving (money).

- It is very complex. I would prefer the world be a fair place where everyone has enough and humans with extra money don't get to play 'god' and decide how to best allot it. Since this is not the situation we find ourselves in, I believe giving is better than not giving at all.

- A dollar can go really far in the developing world. GiveWell, a really helpful resource, outlines my suspicions well:

- Giving within relationships often makes the most sense and impacts both the giver and receiver in unique ways.

- Our circles of influence are often segregated, making it hard to connect people who have money to give with people who would most greatly benefit from it.

We have so much money compared to the rest of the world and we are excited and blessed to be able to venture out into it. I'm inviting you on our journey (literally - come visit!) and hope to build a little network where people who want to give are connected across country borders and other lines, to people who can directly benefit.

I have no doubt that our move will connect us with people who will enrich our lives. I hope we can use all of the blessings we've received in ways that enrich the lives of those we meet as well. I don't think that money can help everything, but I love that this plan gives us a lens to be avidly looking for ways we can be a blessing to the world.

Friends and family, in just over a month, you will know someone who lives in Thailand! If you want to be part of our attempt to spread the love on the other side of the world, sign up on the Common Change website and join our group, "P2P Global Giving". 

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