Idealized Week: Day 2

10:38 AM

Day 2 of idealized priorities:

xget up: 7:45am
xwear something creative 
xmake a smoothie
xbike to work
xgeneral picking up / cleaning
xpersonal hobbies
reflection/devotion time
PM Yoga
xtake supplements
bedtime: 11:30pm

8 / 11 priorities met.

Biking to work and home is always better. Very peaceful and energizing. It is one of those things that helps slow life and time down because I'm moving at a pace that can't help but notice pretty architecture or gardens along the road. And it truly feels like summer.

After dinner and chatting with neighbors, Tory and I got inspired by my collection of oil paintings I pinned because who doesn't need more hobbies?  Painting is something I've always wanted to try. He helped me talk through the techniques used in each of the different paintings and we just enjoyed the variety and skill so many artists have poured into their work. When was the last time I actually pondered fine art?

The only thing is that I got caught up and didn't want to go to bed (longing for the days of experimenting with art far into the night) so I sabotaged the next morning's priorities by staying up past midnight. My mind/body is quite insistent on 8 hours of sleep. I did feel rushed, but I enjoyed everything in the moment.

Contentedness while tackling priorities, on a scale of 1-10 = 9

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