Idealized Week - Day 1

7:41 AM

Day 1 of the idealized week. I am trying to hit as many priorities as I can because they tend to be interconnected, which is why the balance is so hard to maintain. For example, if I miss bedtime, it's highly unlikely that I'll get up to bike the next day, or creatively use any of the curated wardrobe of fashions I claim to enjoy. If I don't make lunches on Sunday, the next thing I know it's Thursday and I've been eating Taco Bell all week. If I don't bike to work, I feel more antsy and less focused in general. Etc. Etc.

xsleep in
morning reflection time
xgeneral picking up / cleaning
water the plants
xwear something creative
xsee Tory's family
Solomon's Porch
xprepare/freeze lunches
make our own bread
xtake supplements
xbedtime: 11:30pm

7 / 11 - not too bad. Plus I drank a smoothie.

Again, I'm trying to get close to this idealized schedule each week for a while to see if attending to all these priorities results in feeling more balanced, or more stressed.

Contentedness while tackling priorities, on a scale of 1-10 = 10.

I don't usually enjoy cooking, but I actually enjoyed being downstairs cooking up a sweet smelling indian dish last night (thanks for lending me your cookbook Elliot!) while Tory was keeping off his sprained ankle upstairs. Taking care of him makes me feel at peace, which is very valuable to keep in mind. I felt like my mind was at rest, that I was simply Being, being present, which I interpreted from author Eckhart Tolle's book The Power of Now to mean being present / at one with God. (Is this why people actually enjoy cooking???)


Tory mentioned a few weeks ago how he feels the most at peace when he is doing something for others. It's important to keep that perspective while I'm seeking balance internally - not to forget about external relationships in search of myself.

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