Idealized Week - Day 3

2:15 PM

Day 3 of idealized priorities:

So I am skewing the results here in my favor, but I'm also trying to keep the list as fluid as possible - to do what makes sense. I ended up seeing a movie and hanging out with a girl friend Tuesday night this week instead of Wednesday so I swapped the staying in priorities of Tuesday night with the hang out priorities of Wednesday. My experiment, my rules.

The Spectacular Now is partly about the struggle between living in the moment and planning for the future. It is navigated by high schoolers in the film, but still managed to be very relevant to this phase of life. Maybe it is relevant in every phase of life. So, on with the attempt to appreciate the details as they happen and fit them all into a day.

get up: 7:45am
xwear something creative / do hair
xmake a smoothie or eat breakfast
general picking up / cleaning
xmake dinner
xwatch shows/movies
xhang out with girl friends / coffee shop time
bedtime: 11:30pm

6 / 9 priorities met

Contentedness while attending to priorities, on a scale of 1-10 = 9
*I hit the snooze a bunch of times because I stayed up late the night before which I realize isn't a healthy habit but it's a really tough one to kick if I've not had my full night's sleep. My morning was rushed.
*Smoothies definitely make my morning better.
*I have a new friend and we've been trying to see each other once a week since we met so that is a fun endeavor in itself. Adult relationships take so much more intentionality! Adulthood in general takes so much intentionality. Hence this whole experiment.
*Work was a long day, but cheers to new friends!

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