(tastes, smells, feelings, sights)

11:38 AM

The same week we left the west coast for Thailand, my parents left for a whirlwind trip through the Bible via Egypt, Jordan, and Israel, and my old friends Brandon and Fiona left for a cross country move that parallels ours in some ways. Life has changed so much for us this year already, it's hard to have any sense of what the rest of it holds. I've managed to accomplish one of my most passive goals that I had when I was overwhelmed by a very consistent routine:

I have no idea what day it is.
I have no context or reference points. My days are different from another, but not aligned with any particular day of the week.

Like a lot of things these days (tastes, smells, feelings, sights), I wish I could bottle some of it up and send it back to my former self, the one who craved this freedom and variety so much because I would be able to to better appreciate the sweetness of it all. I am trying to remain present and grateful in the midst of all this abundance.

Here is a video from our time in Seattle - I'm going out of order because I left some footage in Chiang Mai that I'll use to complete the middle of the story. Soon: Thailand! It's just so beautiful.

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