Three Months in

9:14 AM

Wow, more than three months have gone by! We moved to Chiang Mai to slow down our lives but the transition phase has been anything but slow. To be fair, one of those months was on Koh Phi Phi taking everything slow. I'm so glad we built that time into our moving plans. After that we spent a month housesitting before we got our place. Another week was with Jess back in the islands again, and we've been doing a fair amount of sightseeing together in addition to that. At a certain point though, this is all part of life and we need to find a way to settle in around those welcome interruptions and variety of life.

Last night, the rest of the ISDSI students arrived into Chiang Mai for the start of Fall semester. Today they are all buzzing around and I am reveling in the way life goes in cycles, remembering that startling breath of hot air as I stepped out of the airport air conditioning into the hot Chiang Mai summer air, and the first moment I met my host family as they came walking up that same driveway entrance to pick me up.

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