Fear is the opposite of Love

5:03 PM

Today I would like to encourage everyone I know to try couchsurfing, whether its by hosting or traveling. 
It's by far the best way I've found to really experience a place while traveling. It's a fantastic loophole financially and in term of interpersonal connections for travelers but also for hosting. We don't have time to travel all over the world right now, so couchsurfing brings the world to us. A couple from Wales stayed at our place for a few days last week. They have been crossing the world after living in Thailand for a few years - find more about their journeys here

Check out my couchsurfing profile and reviews and pretend you've never met me if you have fears about it being sketchy, and understand that you can be highly selective with the people you meet - by reading couchsurfing reviews you can guarantee that at least that many people have trusted this person and become better for it. Users can't delete reviews from their profile, so its important to built trust on the site, and easy to reject a request if you are not completely on board with their reviews (or lack of). In a sense, Couchsurfing is just as foolproof as the rest of life is/isn't, but opens you up to much more beauty and new life giving connections.

We got this message from our new buddies a day after Tory dropped them off on his way out to Delano. Tory heading to work, Nic and J heading to Montana and beyond:

"We are alive and well in Fargo.

We had the most amazing day! It got off to a slow start and we ended up sitting in the warmth of Burger King over a coffee. In there we met a pilot who gave us her phone number and offer of free Delta flights when we need them. Then we thumbed it at the side of the road where Tory dropped us and were picked up by a lovely lady who gave took us to a rest stop on the otherside of St Cloud and gave us $20! It was insane!
Whilst we were hugging her and thanking her another woman at the rest stop approached us and asked us what we were doing. She invited us to get a lift to Alexandria with her. Whilst were in the car we asked why she was heading there. She said she was going to a funeral of a friend. And then she asked us if we wanted to go with her as moral support and a way to get a cultural experience. So we went to a funeral.
This country is insane but my god do we love it!
We left the funeral laden with sandwiches and cakes for our journey and she took us to a rest stop about 70 miles from Fargo. 
We sat there for a while and it started to get really cold, a sweet lady asked us if we wanted a lift 20 miles but we decided to wait it out and try to get all the way to Fargo. SHE then gave us $20 and apologised for not being able to help more! 
Then a truck driver stopped, got out of his cab and handed us a bag full of drinks and snacks and apologised for getting off at the next exit. When we looked in the bag there was another $20 in there! 
We waited maybe 30 minutes more before we met a sweet sweet man who was heading all the way to Fargo and he dropped us off right at the motel (which we can afford because people gave us money!)

It's been amazing. So so amazing! People have gone above and beyond to help us. Yourselves included.
Feeling pretty overwhelmed by the kindness of strangers right now. 
I don't think we'll ever take a bus again!

Thank you so much for encouraging us to do this :D

Much love to you both,
Nic & J

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