Open Letter to Myself, from Pre-Smartphone Self....

10:41 AM

I am writing you now because you are about to embark on a new technological adventure, down a path that everyone in the whole world, seemingly many people have gone before. Most people have done it successfully, but you are particularly prone to compulsive facebook and email checking and accidentally spending all evening on the internet, so here are a few tips on smartphone use from a non-user to refer back to once you start.

1. Don't install the facebook app on your phone. Keep facebook message notification alerts to show up in your email just in case someone sends you a message that would be useful to see while you're out. But don't install the app because you don't need to be checking facebook while you're out!

2. Don't forget that its okay to feel uncomfortable while waiting alone in social settings. You get a lot of thinking done when you are alone, surrounded by people.

3. People watching is great.

4. You don't need to be constantly entertained (DISTRACTED).

5. Even though it may seem like a text message is a good way to send a message while you are occupied, everyone you are occupied with can tell you are not paying attention to them. Be where you are. Don't let new technology interrupt your in-person interactions. You still don't like that even though you have an awesome new internet machine.

6. Tell people I still don't have text messaging? 

7. Take this opportunity to use this little device to actually spend LESS time on the internet. Do you need to go on the computer when you get home from work or something else? No, of course not. Because you've been attached to the internet the whole day!

8. Revel in the glory of no longer having to print out groupons or write down directions.

9. Are international text messages included? Text your family! Hurrah!

10. If smartphones become only available at a price of $80+/month again - opt back out!

Yourself, in 2013.

If any of you are curious, we are getting smartphones due to the new smartphones and plans Republic Wireless just came out with. $25/month unlimited everything, or $10/month unlimited data while connected to wifi plus unlimited call and text regardless. It's brilliant and cheap and just the thing we've been waiting for. I'm not anti-smartphone, just pro-frugality!

Anyways, you can use my referral link for $19 off (and I'll get it too!) for a free month of service if you decide to opt in:

Yay Smartphones!

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