Spending Freeze Redux

10:08 AM

We just finished our kitchen makeover - we ended up doing a makeover rather than a full gut and remodel and I love it! We came in under budget even for the makeover, but it still felt like a lot of spending added to the month - the fun but hardest part about the budget was that we ended up eating out at restaurants really often because it was so difficult to cook in the midst of the construction chaos. 

So with a beautiful, functional kitchen, we’re jumping into another spending freeze! The last one was entertaining and helpful and much appreciated perspective. The goal again is to redefine a baseline of needs, focus on what's important, and take spending money out of social situations. Now we're doing it with friends! And we're building in a few exceptions this time around:

Pre-established Spending Exceptions

-Garbage Disposal and other kitchen remodel finishing touches - so that Tory doesn't have to stress out and get everything crammed in before Wednesday.

-A scooter for under $250 if one comes my way... I've been shopping around and don't want to miss a great deal because it comes my way during the freeze - and it's something that will actually reduce gas costs.

-Each of us can fill up on gas once during October so that we are careful about our gas use but not overly restricted from seeing friends and family or commuting. This was something we felt strained about in our first freeze and want to make sure are a priority.

-We can tip on the two groupons I already bought a while ago that expire in October, but not spend more than they are worth.

Shopping list for last days of September

Aldi shopping trip (we usually choose from their small section of organic - bananas, agave, almond milk, and less healthy take and bake pizzas that we've started loading with the entire farm share)

Costco shopping trip (coffee, salmon burgers, toilet paper, healthy snacks, organic eggs)

Coops and little grocery stores (coconut milk, mock duck, tea)

I'm hoping to experiment with:
cold weather biking
making things from scratch (tortillas, buns, etc)
using our CSA and garden to the max
hanging out with friends without spending money
spending more time at the climbing gym as fitness plus entertainment
spending more time on hobbies

As we head into the cold months, I enjoy having this little challenge to keep things interesting. And I'll be stocking up on tea today to make sure I can make myself some warm drinks this fall.

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