Dayton wows North Minneapolis economic summit with a simple promise

2:49 PM

 I am excited by the hopefulness of this article, and very curious about what the response plan will include.  This is the kind of effort that I hope to support by casting my vote.
 It is outrageous to hear that a Minnesota Governor has not set foot in North Minneapolis since 1991.

Here are some of the disappointing (for lack of a better word) stats about Minnesota:

"Average income for a black working person in Minnesota, $26,930. For a white worker, $57,000. Unemployment among blacks, 20. 4 percent. Among whites, 6.6 percent. High school graduation rates among blacks, 43 percent. Among whites, 82 percent.

Poverty rate, 36 percent among blacks. Among whites, 7.4 percent. Home ownership among blacks, 32 percent. Among whites, 74 percent.

These disparities place Minnesota at the top of virtually every negative list in the nation."

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  1. Yikes! Those are some scary statistics.

    But, it appears that hope is in sight!

  2. I'm hopeful but in a pretty minimal way... I think most people, even those in power feel pretty helpless (and therefore unaccountable) for the systemic injustices, so in the least it is really great to see Dayton straight out claim responsibility for doing something about the inequities. I liked the ideas for incentives to hire ex-felons and hopefully there are more ideas like that (and more jobs around the corner)


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