Summer Goals Update

12:28 PM

Now that we've crossed into the month of August, I figured it was a good time to re-establish or revisit my Spring/Summer goals and some other updates.

Goal 1 - Conveniently successful due to our Farm Farm CSA and a warm and wet summer. It definitely takes more work to cook an abundance of fresh food but the results are worth it:

Goal 2 - Woefully unsuccessful. We seem incapable of getting to bed before 10pm and the whole thoughtful morning concept doesn't work if you're under slept. We typically aren't even done the necessary day activities before 10pm, like cooking, eating, cleaning up, maintaining life and home.

Goal 3 - Success! The garden is booming! We have eaten a lot from it and are just hitting the overwhelming point where I need to do something about all the flowering herbs and harvest the greens. Refreshed goal is to HARVEST.

Goal 4 - Rachel Roff Productions is a casually growing endeavor. My reel is up and running on my homepage at and I have done a few more videos here and there! 

Goal 5 - Always. 

Liquidate Update: 

3 pairs of shoes on ebay
1 vintage camera
2 books I finished reading
1 couch
1 flute
1 pair of shorts from my summer line for deLange designs

Approx income total so far: $460

The car needs some basic work done to prep it for sale, which hasn't fit into our schedules yet... still feeling like getting rid of that weight!

 Goals for this Spring and Summer - written in April 2014

Goal 1 - return to a well thought out diet - The Adapted local/vegan/veggie/freegan inspired Roff Diet

“Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” - Michael Pollan. 

  - as a general grocery shopping rule, don't buy meat or cow's milk
  - get a farm share! - pick one with a nearby drop site during the Seward CSA Fair
  - grow easy to grow, high yielding vegetables in the backyard that can be stored/frozen if there's extra
  - keep eating wild caught pacific salmon
  - find a source for local eggs 
  - buy only local greek yogurt (hoping to find a good local brand) and local feta once a month or less (Shephard's Way Farm or Hidden Springs Creamery)
  - on very rare occasions, try known local meat and dairy when out to eat
  - eat whatever is available when a guest at someone's home or event and be thankful
  - continue with local honey sources (right now we are loving prairie rock honey co)!
  - avoid processed foods and SUGAR

Goal 2 - Morning time together

  - go to sleep early and get up at 6am one or two mornings in the week to spend some intentional morning time together, start the day slowly and connect as we wake up
  - this was inspired by my birthday when Tory made me a french toast breakfast and we had tea and coffee together before he left for work in the morning

Goal 3 - Plant our gardens with lots of edibles

Goal 4 - Freelance video production

  - I'd like to be doing more freelance video work, it keeps me inspired!

Goal 5 - Continue to seek balance. Individually and as a unit. Ask hard questions and take action to stay inspired.

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