Week 4: Abundance

3:44 PM

Our last week of the spending freeze was predictably the most interesting. Our fridge is more empty every day and it is bringing me joy somehow. It’s simpler, it’s quite obvious what we’re able to make or not make, and ingredients still keep coming together for amazing meals. Less choice is easier and relaxing when other things seems so fast paced.

January 25: Tory really brought it home this week with a feast with our final stash of eggs and other goodies for brunch - the theme of ABUNDANCE is still very relevant!

January 26: We budgeted our trips for the rest of the month so we could decide what outings we could combine and feasibly still get to work. Once Tory's meeting was bumped into February we didn't have to cancel anything, and we went from home to Solomon’s Porch, to Bloomington and back on Sunday. We did tap into our spare 4 gallons reserved for the lawnmower in the summer!

January 28: So on Tuesday, on the way home from work in my car, not surprisingly, this happened:

January 29: And on Wednesday morning, this happened:

My commutes for the rest of the week were very snowy, but all the other bus riders were in high spirits from the fluffy snow.
Elliot has been kind enough to pick us up for climbing at VE most Wednesdays if we’re up for it and Tory went this week while I continued to sew.

January 30: In the evening, Tory and I met at the Beta.MN event Reed was putting on - I took the bus and Tory negotiated with a lovely mom and pop restaurant for free parking downtown.  Beta.MN provided enough delicious hors d'oeuvres to call dinner, and topped it off with free pizza at the end of the night. Yum.

January 31: Last day! People really treated us on this last day, whether they knew it or not. My work ordered Glamdoll donuts, Tory's carpool buddy brought him breakfast, someone else took him out for lunch, and Micah and Jo cooked us a final feast for dinner and took us sledding. Thanks all!

We have been putting thought into what this all means and what it has taught us - today we talked about instead of deciding what to continue to exclude from our lives, talking about what we will put back in. Very conclusively though, WE MADE IT! And it wasn't even as hard as I thought it would be. Four of our friends decided without our knowledge until recently to try their own spending freeze for February! So that will be helpful in continuing to give us perspective and I'm excited to spend some time reflecting on all of this.

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