When Fashion Gets Personal

3:01 PM

Fashion Update: because it takes less thinking than putting to words all my feelings and thoughts that have conspired over the last two weeks!

I took a break from commercial fashion endeavors to design and sew a personal collection for my wedding: my wedding dress, created from my mother's 1986 wedding dress, a flower girl dress, and four bridesmaids dresses inspired by the women who mean so much to me and stood for Tory and I in our wedding.

Rich and Patsy deLange, 1986.

From right:
Katie Moekler, my aunt
Jessica deLange, my sister
Me, Rachel Roff
Rebecca Garofano, my friend
Anna Gretz, my friend
Italia Roff, my cousin-in-law

Tory and Rachel Roff, 2010.

I also had custom necklaces made by my sister and she did a beautiful job:

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