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The difficult thing about blogging is that the most exciting times are the times I have the least amount of time to keep up with blogging. Needless to say, I am getting VERY EXCITED. Tory and I are getting married in 12 days?? To me, that is unbelievable. I am still feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the details of planning the wedding, plus house remodeling and leaving my lovely apartment, roommates, and area, all of which I've come to love very much (but mostly the roommies).

I slept an hour and a half last night during our insane cleaning spree before we were all due out of the apartment. I vaguely remember getting a bit in my head and singing a lot of Regina Spektor, and being stalked by a trail of purple sparkle under everything I overturned.

But a friend just passed on a link to a recent article about our caterers and it is spot-on. They are the most wonderful women and the article really got me excited about everything all over again (not that I wasn't already). When Tory and I met them after several unsuccessful attempts at finding a caterer, it was so perfect because we all clicked so well. They are lavishing us... is a good word for it I think... lavishing us with ideas and sweetness and laughter and of course, amazing food. It is so neat how you can recognize genuine hearts and connect so immediately, and it was a great relief to finally know that these were the right people to cater our wedding.
The details are definitely coming together. This is what I think of for our wedding vibe: Beauty, creativity, collaboration, community!

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  1. Regina Spektor - my fault. purple sparkle - mine and collette's fault. we just love you that much!


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