The Wedding Party

10:22 PM

What a family.

Maid of Honor
Jessica, mon soeur.

So beautiful and getting so old. She's even old enough to sign as a Maid of Honor, thank goodness. This from the baby who made me cry when I found out a sister was born. It is so fun to continue to get to know her as she becomes an adult. And stay up late in bed talking because our visits are fewer than they ever should be.


Little Big Bro with a little kitten. So smart and such a stand up guy. Its very fun to be adult children together and visit each others lives outside of the family now. I'm looking forward to meeting this Kaylee woman whom he seems to have taken a liking to!


If you could assign a compatibility rating to interests, thoughts and ideas, personality quirks, and life philosophies like LastFM does with music, my youngest brother and my rating would be SUPER in so many categories, including music. And if you're looking to get to know someone who really is able to balance being both hip and genuine, you'd be hard pressed to find a better candidate.

But then there's...


I forgot how beautiful and well timed this video is. It is so perfectly Anna, that I think it is right for any occasion, even though it says birthday and talks about the Colorado House which is long past. It is just as meaningful now, and I can't wait (and never do have to wait long) to hear from her, talk with her, or confide in her. But it sure will be nice to see her again in person.


A favorite friend and a favorite fruit. I learned so much about myself and about her and about the world when we went to Thailand together, even though we'd known each other for years before that. We travel well together. She is wonderful.

Katie Moelker.

Katie is the life of the party, especially at special events. Tory and I are so excited for her to be a part of our wedding and to start and finish on the dance floor with her. What a sweet soul she is. I feel so honored when I hear she talks of us, still remembers camping with Rachel, says, "I like Tory" and talks of being a "Bridesmary" for our wedding.

More talk of the men to come...

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  1. I think I almost peed watching that video. I definitely do NOT remember doing that. We should probably do that again. Haha, love you.

  2. i know! halfway through we got tired, but then started it again a minute later. we are so weird together. and we bring out the weirdness in mom, too. Adrian is unimpressed!


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