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Group to group; new people, new focus, new networks, new job!
It has been a while since I wasn't part of some collective and going through group dynamics. I like individuals (whether they are part of groups or not) better than groups. I am united to my new Americorps co-workers by technology-related job experience and probably many other things to be discovered. I'm really enjoying my co-workers at my specific location as well so that's exciting.

The transition to Minnesota felt pretty normal since I left Grand Rapids behind before Thailand and all those adventures on the other side of the world. It somehow makes sense that life would not continue as it was after a semester like that. I'm still the midwest, and now seeing lots of Tory, so life doesn't feel that different from Grand Rapids, just disconnected. I'm really missing out on Art Prize, I know. It was so good for me to feel connected to the place I lived for those years that it's hard to miss out on what might be the initial peak of that small, neat place into a place deserving flourishing artistic or at least creative recognition.

I went to a farmers market here... and that's when I realized the size difference between GR and minneapolis. It was comparative to markets in Thailand! Huge, colorful, crowded (the sellers were more diverse than in Thailand), selling everything from local berries (yay!) to imported anything (yikes!). I asked details about local fish farming but the guy only gave me planned answers, so I won't be buying yet if ever. Tory and I picked up some awesome mint for Moroccan tea and blueberries for pancakes and biked our goodies home for breakfast.

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