5:09 AM

I now have three cute sisters !
Jess (of course)
JoobJib (bottom)
Jang (left)

My Thai nickname is JaaJah.

In both of these photos, I am trying to brace my eyes from the flash and account for the major height differences. I made my first purchases here though other than food as you can see.

It was also my first day of school today and I wore the traditional Thai uniform, but changed when I got home, so I don't have a pictures. It will be very typical for the next few months though. I can already tell it is going to go fast, but I've only been here for a few days and it feels very long also. My Thai family makes me feel very at home and relaxed. They are very kind and welcoming. My mother is beautiful. We got massages at the night market last night, as you can see from the photo. I think she would like my real mother to know that she is kind, she asks about her. I now have two wonderful families; one is a bit more short term.

I feel quite comfortable here already.

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